Public Health

The Clark County Health Department is staffed with qualified nurses, physical therapist, occupational therapists, speech therapists, home health aides, and clerical personnel. These services are available to all age groups. We can coordinate a complete plan of care under the direction of your physician or with any Health Provider.

General Health Clinics and Wellness Clinics are available to screen for Hypertension, Diabetes, Anemia, Breast Cancer, Lead, HIV Testing, and Cholesterol.

Our Public Health services include:

February is HEART month! Please read the following article to learn about cholesterol guidelines. Come visit us for a discounted fingerstick cholesterol screening this month. We want to help keep your heart healthy. 

New Year, New Numbers!! Come in and have your Cholesterol Checked!!

Cholesterol levels should be measured at least once every five years in everyone over the age of 20. The screening test that is usually performed is a blood test called a lipid profile. Experts recommend that men aged 35 and older and women aged 45 and older be more frequently screened for lipid disorders. The lipoprotein profile includes:

Results of your blood test will come in the forms of numbers. Here is how to interpret your cholesterol numbers:

LDL Cholesterol

LDL cholesterol can build up on the walls of your arteries and increase your chances of getting heart disease. That is why LDL cholesterol is referred to as “bad” cholesterol. The lower your LDL cholesterol number, the lower your risk. The table below explains what the numbers mean.

LDL Cholesterol LDL-Cholesterol Category
Less than 100 Optimal
100 – 129 Near optimal/above optimal
130 – 159 Borderline high
160 – 189 High
190 and above Very high

If you have heart disease or blood vessel disease, some experts recommend that you should try to get your LDL cholesterol below 70. For people with diabetes or other multiple risk factors for heart disease, the treatment goal is to reach an LDL of less than 100, although some physicians will be more aggressive.

HDL Cholesterol

When it comes to HDL cholesterol — “good” cholesterol — the higher the number, the lower your risk. This is because HDL cholesterol protects against heart disease by taking the “bad” cholesterol out of your blood and keeping it from building up in your arteries. The table below explains what the numbers mean.

HDL Cholesterol HDL-Cholesterol Category
60 and above High; Optimal; associated with lower risk
Less than 40 in men and less than 50 in women Low; considered a risk factor for heart disease


Triglycerides are the chemical form in which most fat exists in food and the body. A high triglyceride level has been linked to higher risk of coronary artery disease. Here’s the breakdown.

Triglycerides Triglyceride Category
Less than 149 Normal
150 – 199 Mildly High
200 – 499 High
500 or higher Very high

Total Cholesterol

Your total blood cholesterol is a measure of LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and other lipid components. Doctors recommend total cholesterol levels below 200

Total Cholesterol Category
Less than 200 Desirable
200 – 239 Mildly High
240 and above High

The Clark County Health Department will be offering cholesterol screening at a reduced rate of $15.00 for the entire month of February in conjunction with Heart Month on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, no appointment necessary.  Cholesterol screening is available every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the year for $20.00    You do need to be fasting for this test (no food or drink after midnight the night before.

If your business would like an onsite cholesterol and /or flu clinic please contact the Clark County Health Dept. 660-727-2356. Anyone wanting a flu shot at no charge, please bring in your Medicaid, Medicare or Insurance card.