Clark County Health Department News

The Clark County Health Department will seek voter support for a tax levy increase on the April 2019 ballot.
The Clark County Health Department, along with the majority of the 115 local public health agencies in Missouri operate under a Board of Trustees. They are created by petition and vote of the people: Missouri State Statute: Chapter 205 RSMo is the operating authority. It allows a county, by a simple majority vote of the citizens, to assess up to 40 cents per $100 valuation for the establishment, maintenance, management and operation of a county health center and the maintenance of the personnel required for operation of the health center. The tax levy for the CCHD was established in 1980 at 10 cents per $100 assessed valuation. Prior to 1980, the CCHD operated under the county commission budget. The CCHD will request an increase of 15 cents per $100 assessed valuation which remains well under the maximum of 40 cents. That equals 39 years with no request for a tax levy increase, so why now?

The core functions of public health describe the fundamental responsibilities of Missouri’s public health system. Governmental public health agencies have an obligation to prevent disease and to protect and promote the health of all people within their jurisdiction.
The CCHD serves every individual within our county from the beginning to the end of life even if you never enter the building! The services of providing Immunizations, WIC, Family Planning, PSA Clinics, Preventative Screenings, Lead Testing, Blood Draws, Wound Care, Vital Records, Daycare Inspections, Restaurant Inspections, Lodging Inspections, Communicable Disease Investigation, Community Projects, Emergency Preparedness, Collaboration with Community Partners, Education and Home Health Care touch you in some way. State funding for Public Health in Missouri is the lowest in the United States. Increased regulation and decreased funding from Medicare, Medicaid and Private Insurance make sustainability of programs at very low or no cost to the community increasingly difficult. The request in funding will be used to continue the current level of professional services provided to the community for over 50 years!

Where does CCHD funding come from?
1) Local Taxes – 10 cents per $100 assesses valuation
2) State Revenue – Rank last in the United States at $6 per capita
3) Federal Funds – Channeled through the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services to Local Public Health Agencies in the way of contracts (example: WIC program which requires supplement of local funds)
4) Medicare – For Home Health services only, unable to bill Medicare for any service provided within the facility. Accept Medicare assignment and do not bill the individual.
5) Medicaid – Home Health services and some services provided in the office. Accept Medicaid assignment and do not bill the individual.
6) Private Insurance – Home Health Services (often the payment is not enough to cover contracted therapies and other expenses incurred but the individual is not billed)
7) Vital Records – Issue Missouri Birth and Death Certificates on site
8) Fee for Service – Minimal fee for some services such as family planning, TB testing, Blood draws and other preventative screenings.
9) Grant Funding – CCHD has been fortunate to secure many Grants over the past years. Grants vary in dollar amounts and are very specific to what the funds can be used for. Grant funding is not sustainable and is becoming increasingly competitive and difficult to obtain.
Local public health agencies may receive gifts and contributions. Section 170© of the United States Code, defines a “charitable contribution” as a contribution or gift to or for the use of: A state, a possession of the United States, or any political subdivision of any of the foregoing, or the United States or the District of Columbia, but only if the contribution or gift is made for exclusively public purposes.

Please support your local Public Health and Home Health Agency by voting “yes” on the April 2nd ballot. Feel free to contact the Clark County Health Department at 660-727-2356 with questions. Visit our website at or like us on facebook.